How to Get Vacation/Sick Leave Details in ESUP

I don't know if the rest of you find it annoying that the MyU Sick Leave and Vacation information just show the balances and don't provide any detail on what's been added and subtracted, but if you do, HR gave us a path for getting that information.

From MyU, click on the Key Links tab between MyU and Recommended. Select Reporting Center.

In the 'Filter By Title' box, type in Vacation, Sick and Comp Balances.

Under Human Resource Management under the "Search Results" click on the Vacation, Sick and Comp Balances report.

Next you get a minimal screen prompting you to enter your Employee ID number (Emplid), go ahead and enter that and click 'Submit'.

This just gives you the result for the latest pay period. If you click on your Employee ID under the Emplid column, you'll get a new screen that allows you to select Fiscal years. Select one of the Fiscal Years and click on 'Submit' and you'll get a report that looks a lot like the reports that were available under OneStop.

Thanks to Chris Koehler for getting these tips!