Retro pay and new salalry grids

Our pay statements for checks due Wednesday,January 22, 2014 are already up and ready for your review!


We have been hearing from some people that there are errors in their retro pay, or no retro pay included at all, or other issues.

You should see a link at the bottom of this article to the new salary grids for our AFSCME Technical Bargaining Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract) for 2013-2015.

NOTE - Some people are having trouble opening the link at the bottom of this page - it's a pdf, and it opens automatically in some browsers, but not in others. If you're asked to select a program in which to open it, you should be able to use Adobe.

Your new hourly rate should be reflected on your pay statement - and it will be one step higher than your pre-contract settlement rate, in the left-hand column.

Get in touch with your DEPARTMENT payroll office if there are errors - all of this was calculated within departments and not done through Central Payroll.