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Vacation Requests


Did you know that supervisors must respond to your vacation request within just FIVE calendar days? Yes, it’s true. According to the contract, the legally binding document between the union and the University, a supervisor must respond to your request in five days. Vague answers like “we’ll see what staffing is like next semester” or “we might be really busy then” are simply unacceptable.

Nor is it acceptable to ‘black out’ certain dates for vacation. Many departments might want to target the beginning or end of a semester as a black out period for vacation where no requests will be honored. That is a contract violation and when departments or administrators attempt to do so, the responsible administrator is not giving what is called ‘reasonable consideration’ to your request. The contract also clearly states, ” While the Employer may limit the number of employees who may be gone at any one time based on staffing needs, the Employer shall not limit by procedure or rule the amount of earned vacation leave any one employee can take at any one time” (Article 16, Sec. 3).

For more information regarding Vacation Leave, check out Article 16 of your contract

Here are some helpful tips for vacation leave requests:
Submit your requests via e-mail so there is a record of the request.
Ask for a written response.
If denied, ask for written response as to why your request was refused.
Don’t accept vague answers.
If you feel the department or administrator still isn’t following the contract, CONTACT A STEWARD ASAP!

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