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Dependent Grandchildren are covered by contract


As a result of the inquiries we made at U of M OHR regarding dependent grandchildren, we received the following message:

"We are taking steps to make sure that no grandchildren are removed from coverage as a result of the dependent eligibility verification process without proper confirmation that they indeed are ineligible according to what is in the contracts."

Here is the contract language:

“Dependent Grandchild” includes an employee's: (1) grandchild placed in the legal custody of the employee, (2) grandchild legally adopted by the employee or placed for adoption with the employee, or (3) grandchild who is the dependent child of the employee's unmarried dependent child. Under (1) and (3) above, the grandchild must be dependent upon the employee for principal support and maintenance.

This is a good resolution and it happened because a concerned member contacted our Local after she got the wrong information from Human Resources. This is why we need to communicate with and look-out for each other.

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