Local 3937: U of M Technical Employees

Local Election and Convention Delegate Results

President: Barbara Bezat
Vice President/ Chief Steward: Chris Koehler
Vice President/Organizing: Teresa Shunk
Treasurer: Mary Austin
Secretary: Nicole Masika
Med. Area Executive Board Representative: Krista Gallagher
Med. Area Executive Board Representative: Bill Hill
St. Paul Campus Executive Board Representative: Brad Kraling
West Bank Executive Board Representative: [Nicole Masika is filling in]

The following Executive Board representative positions are open:

• East Bank Executive Board Representative
• Offcampus Executive Board Representative
• Morris campus Executive Board Representative
• Crookston campus Executive Board Representative
• Out-State Executive Board Representative

As one can see, we have a number of openings for Executive Board Representative. Because these are open seats, a Member who has been in good standing for at least one year can be appointed to an open position. What’s involved? The duties of each Local Executive Board Member include, but are not limited to:

• Attending Local membership and Executive Board meetings each month.
• Scheduling and chairing geographic information meetings as directed by the Local Union.
• Reporting to the Local Union any concerns or issues raised by the Local members in the geographic area s/he represents, and working to address those issues.
• Acting as an information/resource person to the Local Union on behalf of all members and especially the Members s/he represents.
• Assisting Local organizing efforts in his/her geographic area, including contract distribution; identify and recruit potential new local activists.
• Other such duties applicable to the office.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact the Local office: 612-379-3933 or afscme3937@gmail.com


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